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This is only necessary when running on outdated, or non standard-compliant browsers such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer prior to version 9 which do not support rounded corners natively.The extra space taken up by this framing is available from the read only property frame Size.This is so that descendant floating Components of floating (Such as a Combo Box dropdown within a Window) can have its z Index managed relative to any siblings, but always above that floating ancestor Container. Because of this, they are not rendered until you explicitly method-show them.If no floating ancestor is found, a floating Component registers itself with the default Ext. After rendering, the owner Ct reference is deleted, and the float Parent property is set to the found floating ancestor Container.知识概况:10571057105710571058s751059044105910591059th31059105105105105105105105105105105105105105105105105n881051051051051051051051... 知识概况:100001000010000100001000010000100001000010000100001000010000100011000110001100011000110001100011000110001100011000110001100011000210003100043... Defaults to: Optional CSS style(s) to be applied to the field input element. When configured as floating, Components acquire, at render time, a Ext.ZIndex Manager which manages a stack of related floating Components.

This can be useful for adding customized styles to the component or any of its children using standard CSS rules.

Column for additional usage details when combining width and column Width configs within the layout.

The sizing and positioning of a Component's internal Elements is the responsibility of the Component's layout manager which sizes a Component's internal structure in response to the Component being sized.

Defaults to: Defines the column width inside Ext.layout.container. The column Width property is always evaluated as a percentage and must be a decimal value greater than 0 and less than 1 (e.g., .25).

See the description at the top of Ext.layout.container.

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