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This is because the lower self threatens our idealized image or conception of ourselves as well as societal norms that tell us how we “should” be.

The guilt tends to send us right back into our mask, where we can disown our negativity, our cruelty, our rage, and our negative intentions.

The work helps us become more conscious of these levels within ourselves, and allows us choice as to which part of ourselves we will inhabit.

This does not mean that there is no longer any mask, or that life no longer challenges you.

THE 4 PHASES OF CORE ENERGETICS CORE ENERGETICS is a psycho-spiritual evolutionary process and a journey in to awareness of deeper levels of being.

The Core process involves working through a series of steps or phases.

We must have courage and receive support to PENETRATE THE MASK.

This is the work in the Below the mask is a layer that is largely unconscious because knowledge & ownership of it highly threatening to the personality.

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