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This equates to 16.85 litres of fuel, costing £21.41 altogether6.

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Apprentice judge Karren Brady was mocked on Twitter for 'not being able to count' after users incorrectly accused of her of getting a maths brain teaser wrong.

The business mogul had set her followers a dog-themed maths quiz and, despite later revealing the correct answer, was mercilessly teased by those who thought she was wrong.

But was he later forced to concede and posted: 'OK, Karren Brady - so I just tried this on my calculator, as suggested by Twitter, and to my horror it appears I'm wrong.'It is indeed 14 not 30, due apparently to some new-fangled mathematical principle called BODMAS of which I know nothing.'However, while Piers jokingly claimed that BODMAS was contemporary theory - many tweeters were unimpressed.

One man wrote: 'Been around for ages, my 10-year-old solved it in seconds.'Another said: 'BODMAS is taught to eight year olds, Piers.

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