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Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff January 13th, 2018 New York (TADIAS) — This coming Spring Ethiopian American Dr.

“Our vision is to help transform the Ethiopian community into a far more economically engaged, creative and vibrant member of the wider and diverse US community,” Zekarias says.

The city’s “townhouses with their exceptional interior design constitute the most spectacular part of Harar’s cultural heritage.

The impact of African and Islamic traditions on the development of the town’s building types and urban layout make for its particular character and uniqueness.” Along with the city of Harar, National Geographic recommended Sydney, Australia; Oaxaca, Mexico; Vienna, Austria; Hawaii, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Cleveland, Ohio, Ruaha National Park, Tanzania and San Antonio, Texas as top places to visit in 2018.

A 2004 study found that three-quarters of all cell phones leach lead at levels that would qualify them as hazardous waste.

While tracking e-waste is difficult, it is estimated that 50-80 per cent is exported to countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Philippines, where there is a labour-intensive, informal recycling infrastructure that often lacks environmental and human health safeguards.

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