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In some images, Saint Rita is shown to have a wound on her forhead, holding a rose, or to be surrounded by bees.Oration to the Saint of the Impossible O excellent St.He was also known to pursue other women and he had many enemies.Paolo had many enemies in Cascia, but Rita's influence over him eventually led him to be a better man.

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She is also often shown to hold a thorn, a large Crucifix, or a palm leaf with three thorns to represent her husband and two sons.While at the monastery, Rita performed her duties faithfully and received the sacraments frequently.Rita had a great devotion to the Passion of Christ, and one day, when she was sixty-year-old, she asked, "Please let me suffer like you, Divine Saviour." After her request, a wound appeared on her forehead, as if a thorn from Christ's crown had pierced her.After asking John the Baptist, Augustine of Hippo, and Nicholas of Tolentino to help her in her task, she attempted to end the feud.The bubonic plague had been spreading through Italy at that time, and when Bernardo Mancini became infected, he finally abolished the feud with the Chiqui family.

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