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Out of respect for my date for the evening, as well as the folks that I chatted with at the party, I’m going to keep details of who I met — what kinds of people they were, their jobs, etc. But I will say that after maybe an hour or an hour and a half of chatting and nursing my Diet Coke, I felt completely comfortable going to play with my date.

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Every single guy who has ever spanked me has been someone I was in a relationship with (or a douchebag male friend just kidding around).

I couldn’t have been more shocked arriving at the party.

It wasn’t the most physically comfortable scenario (normally I play where I do other sexual stuff, like on a couch or bed) but we made do.

As I’ve complained about, oh, some of the messages strange men have sent me; one of the big reasons that I went with my date for the night, despite the fact we’d never met before, was that he had behaved like respectful gentleman up to that point.

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