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Did you know Andy Samberg starred in a BBC sitcom about a weed-smoking American hippie who marries into a conservative British family of great wealth and privilege? I remember getting so hyped every time I flipped through channels and saw "The Masked Magician" with his goofy mask, never-ending roster of beautiful women and willingness to reveal the answer to magicians' tricks that were not yet easily Google-able. This latest iteration is the fifth in the Canadian high school drama franchise and follows a group of youngsters as they navigate through the perils of youth.

Decision of the head of the family to pass his title and ground to lawyer Crawley, the distant relative the saw few times, seems very unfair and dishonest in relation to the others.Telly show portrays heroic attempts to influence the duke’s mind and decision or to somehow change the situation to better.You can find in this page the list of television series here at Watch Series.There is just so much content on Netflix that some of it is hidden from view.So here we've compiled the best "hidden" TV shows on Netflix.

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