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as long as it’s during the permit or intermediate license phase.

However, safety specialists advise that you should take the course 90 to 180 days after obtaining a permit.

This course prepares new drivers for the road ahead by going over safety and awareness practices.

Not only will you become a safer driver, but completing this program may also help reduce your auto insurance rates!

Scheduling in that circumstance will be determined by the Transportation Cabinet and the school.

You can take the online course at any time in the morning, noon or night…

Hands-on driving techniques are NOT included at this time. The education course by the Transportation Cabinet is also conducted in every county in Kentucky, usually at a high school.

You may have to take the written and vision test to be re-licensed.

The course is designed for a 4-hour class for new drivers with the emphasis on driver safety, responsibilities and decision making.

Any DUI or alcohol related convictions and longer suspensions for serious offenses will be transferred.

You will also need to complete the GLP course, unless you completed previously completed one. You will have to wait 180 days from the date that you received your intermediate license, while also keeping a clean record (no tickets!

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