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For centuries, Kyrgyzstan was a remote, mountainous outpost along the Silk Road to China. But since the country gained independence in 1991, Kyrgyzstan is slowly opening to the West.FRONTLINE/WORLD correspondent Petr Lom -- a professor at Central European University in Budapest -- first traveled to Kyrgyzstan to investigate Islamic extremism.Petr and Fatima arrive as a wedding is about to begin.

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Also our girls have low literacy about their rights.” What about male understanding of violence?With subsistence agriculture, that’s way more than you can afford. This final gang is female, a reverse sisterhood that coerces the victim. It does not need to be clearly specified as an article of the criminal code. He is the United Nations Development Programme chief technical adviser on the rule of law.Then men will also say ‘She wanted to be taken – she likes me.’ Just any misogynistic view that they’ve got.” Bride kidnapping takes two forms: light and extreme. A young man must present his in-laws with a reverse dowry; a wedding must be funded; and parents might oppose it anyway. She is taken to her boyfriend’s parents’ house, where his mother, sisters and her own friends convince her to marry. Traumatised and threatened, she fights the logics of “This is how life is, love.” She may already have a boyfriend. If she returns to her parents they will say she has spent the night away and damaged any other marriage prospects. “Due to stigma, women are regarded as being guilty for having put themselves in this situation.” Fear doctors behaviour: “Women are afraid to go out.“I think one arrest would be good for all men to show it is the wrong way to get married.There are no published cases and no media coverage and everyone thinks it is normal life, except for active citizens who see a role for workshops, training and campaigns.

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