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A basic synopsis of the spirituality side of things: sex is the physical manifestation of the oneness we were created by God for, to ultimately have with God, a oneness demonstrated in the union of the trinity.

God built covenant marriage to be a taste of that oneness on earth, "that the two would become one flesh", and sex is both a physical by-product of that emotional and spiritual intimacy with one's spouse, as well as the act that spiritually fuels that intimacy.

This isn’t to bus visitors to their church building—it their church building—they circle the city late at night in the bus to avoid being caught by the police.A large portion of it is dedicated to providing practical tools and insights into breaking free from addictive lifestyles and living free, but it is the background that is set which makes this an important read for all men.The book gives a fundamental, but in my experience often overlooked discussion of the spirituality and biochemistry behind our sexuality.We practice only believers baptism by full immersion.This is not merely our tradition but it is the form of baptism presented in the Bible and it is the only form of baptism that meaningfully demonstrates personal faith and union with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ to new life.

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