Nfl dating online

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It appears the bidder thought they were buying the domain for 5.00 rather than 5,000.

Asking a player on a date wouldn’t be out of place considering the atmosphere.

Till February 5, get the full game for up to 67% off and stack your Madden Ultimate Team roster with one of five G.

Super Bowl players: Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis, Franco Harris, or Deion Sanders.

However, those pesky extra digits befuddled them, a then-silent bidder swept in and took the name for a larger bid, and a whole lot of people looking for news and notes on America's Team will instead get a dating site for "men who enjoy the same country living lifestyle." Are you a country western cowboy looking for a man to ride into the sunset with?

Come and create [a] relationship with singles [who] share your appreciation for the country way of life. "We are extremely excited to have decided on a direction for this property," Darren Cleveland recently said in a press release.

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