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I thank him for showing me this joy and art that is Muay Thai.I tell him I didn’t come to Thailand to fight, but that under his guidance, I feel like I could reach the point of finding the confidence and inspiration to step into the ring.

Such as dealing with the rigours of large-scale touring and handling the post-show come-down.At night, I hole up in my room and write Gong a love letter in my journal that I will never show him.Everything I wish I could say to him I pour onto the pages.It’s not my fault that all glasses are trendy these days; you can’t buy boring glasses any more, they’ve all got clear bits and a bit of lime around one of the eyes: I didn’t want to wear these, but that’s what they’re selling.” Taking a deep breath, he plunges into yet more areas of concern for the tour.“I also talk about James Bond: I find the very notion of him so ridiculous.

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