Quindio cucuta online dating

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The national government is empowered to buy as much land as needed to create wildlife sanctuaries with the purpose of preserving this national symbol and its natural environment.

It is forbidden to cut down the Quindío wax palm tree.

It is in the western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes mountains. It is famous for the quality of the coffee plantations, colorful architecture, benign weather, variety of hotel accommodations and tourist landmarks.

The lowest area is the valley of La Vieja River, 1,100 m (3,609 ft) high.The annual precipitation is around 2,500 mm (98 in) and comes from the humidity of winds from the Pacific Ocean being cooled as they rise over the Andes.The average temperature is between 24 °C (75 °F) in the La Vieja river valley and 16 °C (61 °F) in Salento.With the purpose of preserving this cultural expression, the regional government promotes the declaration of Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO.Among other events: The Quimbayan Christmas Panther is an indigenous & sacred animal recognized by indigenous and mestizo communities in the Quindío Department of Colombia.

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