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The Warren Cup is one of the most expensive items owned by the British Museum and is known for its graphic depiction of gay sex, including a scene between a man and a youth.Because of this, it was considered too obscene for a long time, and many museums refused to buy it.To make matters worse, Barrett was evasive about how he obtained the diary and changed his story several times.

In some cases, the lack of solid evidence makes a definitive conclusion impossible, while in others, new findings keep changing the official story.

For over a century, Egyptologists have been debating the identity of the mummy.

Other artifacts found in the tomb tentatively made scholars believe its inhabitant was the infamous pharaoh Akhenaten, father of Tutankhamun and religious heretic.

Today, however, many regard the Warren Cup as one of the most well-preserved examples of ancient Roman erotic art.

Due to its uniqueness, some experts have doubted the cup’s authenticity.

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