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Thank you @e4chelsea, love you always.'Ollie also shared a heartfelt tribute to his pal, not long after her Instagram post.Even Edwards looked confused when Sam Thompson told him that he and his girlfriend were ‘going to have a summer break.’Not a nice holiday, like a normal couple, but apart -‘allowed to hook up with other people.’‘Not with friends,’ Lucy Watson’s Sister emphasised.‘But if it’s some random girl, then I don’t really care.’Who does?!It wasn’t just a showmance.’Jim answered: ‘It’s not attractive, you know that.Its alright being assertive and I said to you before you’re assertive but you shouldn’t give people the wrong impression of you because you’re a beautiful person and you shouldn’t do that.’Jim told her: ‘You were easily susceptible to his advances.Oliver Sykes was born 20 November 1986 in Ashford, Kent, England.As an infant, he moved to Australia with his parents, Ian and Carol Sykes, moving between Adelaide and Perth during a period of about six years.Had one of the scriptwriters gone loco, or were they just trying to get the sack?Harry Baron told Olivia ‘I’m actually being serious’ sounding as if he was struggling to really believe it himself.

Sykes has also created the graphic novel Raised By Raptors with Drop Dead Clothing artist Ben Ashton-Bell.The TOWIE beauty took a fashion-forward twist on the current cape dress trend, as seen on Lupita Nyong'o at the Golden Globes, in this stunning acid pink number by AQ/AQ.Katy Perry, Iggy Azealia and supermodel Karlie Kloss are also lovers of the bold British brand whose futuristic pieces can be seen gracing magazine covers month after month.No offence to Lee but he Lee’s not here, you’re here.Not matter what happens theres people out there that can associate with you and have had the same thing that you’ve had and no matter what’s said people have seen that you did like him.

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