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Es lo que se llama la "formaciòn de compromiso", o el lenguaje por el cuàl el inconsciente se permite de comunicarnos lo que serìa desagradable si lo tuviéramos todo el tiempo en un nivel consciente.

Los actos fallidos màs conocidos son: Las equivocaciones orales (lapsus) • Cuando una persona dice una palabra por otra, • Escribe una palabra por otra, • Lee en un texto impreso algo distinto de lo que en el mismo aparece, • Oye algo diferente de lo que se dice.

I'm sure that was tough, since Obama has put in writing many of the same ideas that Wright has said out loud.

These are quotes from Obama's book "Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance." Note that they are in the written form, but not in the audio book.

This is a friendship that could cause irreparable damage to Obama's campaign yet Wright is such a hate monger that he refused to retract anything he said.

In spite of the potential to jeopardize and derail the campaign, he not only reiterated previous comments, he made more, forcing Obama to distance himself from him.

After reading this, his allegiance to Jeremiah Wright should come as no surprise; Obama echoes the same sentiments, albeit not on a pulpit, about his own struggle with his "mother's race." I find it hard to believe that he has overcome all his feelings of hatred toward 50% of his heritage and even harder to believe that he will do much to bring blacks and whites together.

And my doubts were erased when it took him so long to denounce, so to speak, what Wright has been preaching.

(Please note that Obama's book was published when he was but a babe in the woods at 34 years old and not yet in politics.

Les invito a refleccionar sobre el asunto, siempre con mucho humor, no se lo tomen tan en serio.

Cuentan que los primeros discípulos de Freud estaban como que medio obsesionados con aquella novedad de los actos fallidos y se metìan todo el tiempo en el jueguito (pero serio) de sorprenderse los unos a los otros, lo que finalmente ocupaba todo el resto y "estrechaba" un poco el campo de la teoría.

Few, if any, have traveled a more improbable and circuitous route to the Kentucky Derby than Carlos Juelle and Jose Prieto. My favorite part is Obama criticizing Don Imus for HIS racist comments. knowledge, the Cuban government did not attempt to track, block, or seize terrorist assets, although the authority to do so is contained in Cuba’s Law 93 Against Acts of Terrorism, as well as Instruction 19 of the Superintendent of the Cuban Central Bank.

The Cuban émigrés journey to the owners’ suite at Churchill Downs traces back nearly four decades to hard-labor camps and a maximum security prison run by Fidel Castro’s communist regime. You'll also get the full Jeremiah Wright treatment, including him arguing (read: interrupting) with Sean Hannity about Black Liberation Theology. No new counterterrorism laws were enacted, nor were any executive orders or regulations issued in this regard. fugitives include convicted murderers (two of them killed police officers) as well as numerous hijackers, most of whom entered Cuba in the 1970s.

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