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Hopefully other readers will like the ideas and encourage Darkroom to try one of them.

On the soldering iron idea, Darkroom wouldn't even need to add the steam special effect.

Soldering irons generally don't glow bright red, but they do get hot enough to burn skin easily (I've done it accidentally and it hurts plenty).

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But every group has one or two jewels in there, and it makes for a fun time to search through them.

I especially like the soldering iron idea..never see soldering iron scenes in bondage fantasy movies, or in mainstream films, for that matter.

I don't know how it's done specifically, but the steaming effect you see in hot iron torture scenes has been done many times, so I'm sure it would be easy enough to fake with a soldering iron. You'll have at least one guaranteed sale if you do.." Thanks for the vote of confidence!

I'd seen the above picture before but never knew what it was from, nor that it involved the horse. Does that mean her torture is over or is there more to come? Back in the pre-internet days I bought a paperback titled "Girl Tamers" that was very likely my all time favorite of the hundreds and hundreds of BDSM novels I've read.

Years later, I ran across a short story in BDSM Library that was so like one of the chapters in "Girl Tamers" that I contacted the author, 'Pamela' and chided her (or him) for plagiarizing the story I had read (several times) years earlier. The title of this one is "The Mechanics of Love." Gosh, I do love the pear.

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