White collar speed dating episode

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She tells him she went to a clinic and that the baby’s father is a “world class chef with one hell of an IQ.” Peter tells her that the baby’s mother is the best Special Agent he’s ever worked with.In the second episode of the season, Diana is stuck in front of several computers trying to keep a black market website open while Neal and the boys track down the buyers. My aunt and uncle don’t have children, and I have a lot of friends who don’t have kids. But I heard there might be rocky times ahead for them… I actually don’t know how that plays out, so we’ll see what happens. I wasn’t nervous at all because he’s such a good guy. Afterward, everybody kept coming up to me saying, “Oh, your husband is so nice. I am happy they are setting it up for the possibility that she will struggle with work and baby balance when she returns.

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Diana is on leave from her job for the time being, and does not appear in the third episode of the season. One thing I love about the show is not only the relationship between Peter and Neal (Matt Bomer), but also the one Peter shares with Elizabeth. It’s probably the same reason I fell in love with the show. And you don’t see that often, especially in a marriage that’s been around a while. The women tend to take those types of roles — she helps them see each other’s side and points of view when they’re too [concerned] with their own feelings. It’s called “Neighborhood Watch.” That won’t be until January or February. I’ve always said that Elizabeth is the voice of reason. It’ll be nice to see if they bring on some people I’ve worked with in the past. She nods but goes alone instead, and finds the suspect’s secret hideout. Before she can take him into custody, she goes into labor.Mozzie, the last man this lesbian wants anywhere near her lady business, delivers the little boy.

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