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Thus the participation and reception of the Eucharist has both very personal dimension and a communitarian dimension.

The thoughts of Fr Palau were always centered on the Universal Church!

As I do my personal reading and prayer, I am awed by the unfathomable mystery of the Eucharist because its richness can only be felt and experienced in the light of faith.

But putting it in much simpler term, we can grasp its essence if we say that the Eucharist is nourishment.

543)This calls us for concrete action and true living.

Here we lack, the true joy, sharing and communion thus it becomes a contra witnessing.

Father Palau Eucharist is the most important event in our daily life and also the center of our life.

Through it the Lord and I become one, and through it all of us “who share in the body and blood of Christ be brought together in unity by the Holy Spirit” (Eucharistic Prayer 2).

Faithful to the Lord’s command to celebrate the Paschal meal “in memory of Me” we also call the Eucharist as the memorial of his infinite love for us.For our human survival we have many physical needs, like air, water, food, etc…But because we are made up of a body and spirit we have also to nourish our spirit.He gave the guidelines how to live in community as sisters by loving and serving.He emphasized the servant leadership to the extent to become the broom of the house. Palau says that “all of you shall manifest your mutual love by loving one another, thus providing not only that you are true disciples of Jesus Christ but also that your religion and your profession are authentic”.(documentos206 p.

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