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Welcome to the Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters page.

The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name.

My RT nursery slots are filled but I often update when I have an opening or am traveling. I am a college student in Arizona, but I am very mature for my age.

I am currently only accepting distance ABDL training. I cannot work out of my dorm, so I would have to come to your home.

I prefer to care for little boys, however I am capable of caring for little girls as well. Also, if anyone has any adult baby furniture to donate please bring to my address.

I can provide any such care you would like provided (changing diapers, feeding, giving a bath, etc.). Notes: I am a very loving mummy who will fulfill all adult baby needs.

Phone Mommy Program: = One week with 7 phone calls for a 30 min max per call.

Willing to change poopy diapers for a fee of 0.00 per poopy diaper (plus the fee of latex gloves and wipes if you don't already have them). My policies on diaper changes are listed in my rates. I have toys, books, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, baby food, and some clothing items depending on your size. Take heed that this is not just a legal disclaimer. Please, don't embarrass yourself by crossing any lines. (Meeting in Park, Zoo, Amusement Park, Movie Theatre etc)Rates: 260/hr (rental included), with flexibility toward longer sessions and established clients. I am very warm and affectionate with my charges but please understand you will get a red bum if need be.

Please email me with any question you may have Notes: I am also a adult baby boy. I have a fully equipped nursery with a cot, play mats, mobiles, changing unit, toys, and lots of adult baby clothes and accessories. Mommy Hannah Notes: Hello, I am very beautiful, loving Mommy Lilly. I am available to babysit any hour and I am available anywhere in the Los Angeles area and available to travel (added fee).

Notes: I'm a daddy in central Arkansas looking for an AB boy or girl to diaper, take care of, bathe, spank, etc. I have outfits, diapers, toys and more to meet all your little desires. Notes: I am here to role-play with you, providing such activities as bottle or sippy cup feedings, highchair feedings (baby food or adult food), bedtime stories, stroller trips, tickling (non-intimate areas), trike riding, play time, fun outings, age regression, infantilism, nurturing, diaper checks, diaper changes (both wet and messy), bath time, quiet time, movie time, smiles, giggles, baby clothes, children's style garments, pacifiers, nap time, arts and crafts, games, toys, stuffed animals, baby dolls, tea parties, coloring, mommy's kitchen helper, outdoor play, and stricter stuff, like light bondage restraints, public humiliation, OTK spankings, mouth-soaping, corner time, time-outs, diaper punishment, forced age regression, scolding, punishment, and much more!

Notes: An experienced AB/DL Mommy that is looking to take adult babies and diaper lovers to the next level through distance training (via phone, cam, or text).

Experience incontinence and unpotty training and allow yourself to be pushed beyond your limits to really experience a REAL love of ABDL.

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